“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. For I am with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


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AACC is committed to assisting Christian counselors, the entire “community of care,” licensed professionals, pastors, and lay church members. It is our intention to equip clinical, pastoral, and lay care-givers with biblical truth and psycho-social insights that minister to hurting persons and helps them move to personal wholeness, interpersonal competence, mental stability, and spiritual maturity.

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The National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM) is a partnership of over 200 organizations and independent ministers with one objective: to advance the leadership of men into disciples of Christ and spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all men in America and ultimately around the world.

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MAN UP! Gods Way, was founded in an effort to call “lukewarm” Christian men to stop being “spiritual sissies” and start living up to the challenge that God has laid out before us in His holy Word. In an effort to change the direction of Christian men, Man Up God’s Way is challenging the manhood of these men. MAN UP doesn’t believe that being a man means you can chew through steel or bend iron, but that being a man means we will be disciplined in our relationship with Christ.It’s time, time to MAN UP!

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The Desmond Doss Memorial 4 Bridges Half Marathon course held on October 16 at 7:30 am, roughly parallels the 7 Bridges Full Marathon course until approximately mile 10, where it will turn onto the riverwalk to complete the last section of the Full Marathon course; the course starts and finished in Coolidge Park.

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The Military Suicide “PAIR” Certification Program is a comprehensive and biblically-based training program to identify and help our military servicemen and women who are contemplating suicide. It was developed through Light University and in connection with the American Association of Christian Counselors and brings together some of the world’s foremost counseling experts as instructors.

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Military Missions Network - Connecting Military and Those who Minister to Military

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Cru Military is a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, International, also known as "Cru". Through evangelistic Bible studies, faith-based resources, momentum events, and in partnership with military Chaplains, we seek to transform military communities for Jesus Christ.

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American Bible Society - Comfort and Hope from the Scriptures for Veterans God understands you. He understands your hopes and dreams. And he understands your sorrow and fear — every one of your emotions. Let the words of the God Understands series bring you needed hope, healing, comfort and encouragement.

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All Pro Dad is the fatherhood initiative of Family First, a non-profit organization that reaches millions of people every day with practical marriage, parenting, and relational truth. All Pro Dad features national spokesman Tony Dungy, along with many other NFL coaches, players, and alumni who speak out about the importance of fatherhood. Through its website, AllProDad.com, as well as the Play of the Day email, All Pro Dad’s Day school breakfast program, and nationwide NFL events, All Pro Dad gives men the tools they need to be better fathers.

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iMOM is the motherhood program of Family First, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families. An interactive resource for moms of any age with kids at any stage, iMOM offers a wide variety of information, ideas, insight, and inspiration to help moms be the best they can be. Our unique, multimedia approach includes a thought-provoking, quick-to-read daily email, the Espresso Minute, as well as our interactive website, iMOM.com, which features a library of resources from top parenting experts.

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  • “This is the most positive portrayal of a Christian in a mainstream film that I have seen since Chariots of Fire. Hacksaw Ridge is about a man who stood by his convictions as a follower of Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to see it in the theater!”

    Greg Laurie,

    Harvest Christian Fellowship, Harvest Crusades, Harvest Ministries

  • “Hacksaw Ridge powerfully communicates the horror of war, and yet urges us to strive earnestly for lasting peace. It demonstrates that deeply held religious convictions do not hinder love of country and service to it. Desmond Doss reminded me of what every chaplain does in a conflict: serve as a force multiplier. Do not miss the opportunity to see Hacksaw Ridge.”

    The Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio,

    Archbishop for the Military Services, USA

  • “Hacksaw Ridge is one of the most powerful movies I’ve seen on what it costs to live out faith with conviction. It challenged me in how I live. To see the story of somebody who followed his convictions, regardless of the cost, is a message for the church. That kind of conviction and the fruits of that conviction are what the nation desperately needs today. I think many pastors will say ‘this is a great tool for us to engage in the community.'"

    Pastor Dave Welch,

    President, Texas Pastor Council

  • "This is a true story of a soldier that not only talks about his faith, but is living out his faith in real life combat situations. Life cannot be lived alone and the military life style in war situations certainly illustrates this point. This is a must see film that clearly defines a man fulfilling God’s purpose for his life.”

    Dr. Darrel Billups,

    National Coalition of Men's Ministries (NCMM)

  • "Doss's strong convictions, his Adventist beliefs, and his unshakeable confidence in God come alive in the film Hacksaw Ridge, and hold the promise of inspiring a new generation of believers. The SDA Church appreciates the care and attention to detail brought to this powerful telling of Desmond Doss's unique, unparalleled story of faith"

    Seventh-day Adventist Church,

    North American Division

  • “Hacksaw Ridge is one of only a handful of movies that I believe will have a moving and profound impact on anyone who sees it. Doss' true heroics stand as a beacon of light in the darkness of war.”

    Jerry Falwell Jr,

    President of Liberty University

  • Hacksaw Ridge is an artistic triumph! It combines an extraordinarily moving, true story with some of the most realistic war footage since Saving Private Ryan. It has my hardy endorsement."

    Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson,

    Chairman/The Christian Broadcasting Network, Host/The 700 Club

  • "Inspirational and hard-hitting. Hacksaw Ridge absolutely delivers an incredible, true story of self-sacrifice, courage and heroism during one of the most intense battles of WWII. Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss was a man unashamed of his faith who persevered through unrelenting adversity and persecution. This movie is a must see!"

    Keith Morgan,

    National Director, Cru Military

  • "Hacksaw Ridge is a WWII movie that will rival Saving Private Ryan in graphic realism and powerful personal storytelling, only this story is true, with Desmond Doss keeping his commitment to God. Gripping war scenes, sweet romance and laugh out loud funny bits will keep you entertained throughout."

    Rick Santorum,

    Former Senator and Presidential Candidate

  • "Mel Gibson is a masterful storyteller. In his new movie Hacksaw Ridge, he digs deep into the horrors of war to find virtues God placed in us: love, sacrifice, courage, and forgiveness. The true story of Desmond Doss is one of faith and unwavering conviction. It's a testimony to the truth that lives in all of us."

    Joel Osteen,

    Sr. Pastor Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen Ministries

  • "Hacksaw Ridge isn't a 'Christian' film, but it is a movie driven by faith, hope, and love. It's not ​a family-safe film, but without stories like this, the family couldn't survive. Like Mel Gibson's previous films, Braveheart and Passion of the Christ,​ I wholeheartedly believe the story of Private Desmond Doss will elevate and inspire for generations to come."​

    Kerry Shook,

    Sr. Pastor Woodlands Church

  • "I hope that every young person sees this movie. They are going to see what their fathers, grandfathers, and ancestors sacrificed so that we could have the freedom we have today. Then we will treat it as valuable and be more willing to protect other people’s freedoms. Hacksaw Ridge sends a powerful message and hope it will wake up a lot of people to religious freedoms, freedom of conscious and what that really means to this country."

    Kelly Shackelford,

    1st Liberty Institute

  • “This movie is a reminder that goodness triumphs over evil ALWAYS, and that kindness and good acts are sure to bring about light and hope in the midst of darkness. A must see!”

    Rev. Jude Ekenedilichukwu Ezuma,

    Personal Priest Secretary, Office of Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

  • "Another stunning Mel Gibson masterpiece, this film is an incredible story of faith and courage that shows the horrific and harsh realities of war and the generational effects of PTSD on our veterans and their families. This is an issue that mental health professionals and pastors deal with all too often. Don't miss it."

    Tim Clinton,

    President, American Association of Christian Counselors

  • “I fought back tears much of the time watching Gibson’s portrayal of courage and conviction. While voices clamor today for the surrender our fathers’ blood bought freedoms to practice our religion and follow our conscience, the message of Hacksaw Ridge is crucial for this time in America. This film inspires us to honor our fathers’ sacrifice and defend what they bought so dearly.”

    Fr. Jeffrey "Skip” Thompson, MSA,

    Son of WWII Okinawa Veteran

  • “When the greatest struggle finally came, he was well prepared because Faith was the strength by which this heroic young man lived. Excellent film -- we need more such films of real-life heroes!”

    Mother Assumpta,

    OP, Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

  • “You’ve got to see this movie. Mel Gibson brilliantly captured the courage of a warrior and a man of great faith in this story of Desmond Doss. You’ll be amazed at what God did through one man on Hacksaw Ridge!”

    Jeff Struecker,

    Calvary Baptist Church, Lead Pastor, Columbus, GA

    author, pastor, and former U.S. Army Ranger, featured in the film Blackhawk Down

  • “No matter what you believe, it's impossible to feel the same way about Christianity when you leave the theater.”

    Jon Erwin,

    Filmmaker (Woodlawn, Mom's Night Out, October Baby)

  • “Even though it was a war movie it was also a love story weaved in with deep faith and the triumph of the human spirit. War is brutal but when true humanity can still shine through, it is an amazing thing.”

    Karen Lai,

    Port Chaplain, Galveston Seamen Center, Archdiocese of Houston

  • “Director Mel Gibson captures the essence of bravery, patriotism, and faith in Hacksaw Ridge. Desmond Doss’s deep commitment to faith, honor, and conviction remind me our freedoms were purchased with the sacrifices of ordinary men and women who paid an extraordinary cost for what they believed in. Also, a rare positive portrayal of believers. This film is a must-see.”

    Ritchie Miller,

    Avalon Church, Pastor, McDonough, GA

  • “Hacksaw Ridge moved me to my core. I believe this movie is going to have an extensive, deep impact on the culture. In a time where people are really just out for what can I get for me, this was a self sacrificial, higher purpose kind of film. It was extraordinary. It gives you hope for what the human capability really is to love and be sacrificial. It quite possibly will change how you think about what is important. I highly recommend it on every level."

    Michael Neale,

    Worship Leader Prestonwood Church

  • "Real world Christianity is raw and unfiltered; unlike the sterile version we see in many churches. If we take the opportunity to 'pop' the Christian bubble we live in, we can see the need to reach a sinful world that is looking for honesty, consistency, and a faith that is uncompromising. HACKSAW RIDGE portrays the real life of Desmond Doss, a faithful Christian, in the middle of hell. In pure Mel Gibson fashion, this movie is the 'real' world in the life of a Christian dedicated to God's calling in his life. Despite it's R-rating (violence), Men's Ministry leaders and Pastors need to embrace this movie and use it as a tool to help promote the Gospel to a lost and dying world."

    Jody Burkeen,

    Pastor and Founder of Man Up God's Way Ministries

  • “Hacksaw Ridge is stunning in its portrayal of God's strength unleashed through one man's obedience to his faith. Though the horrors of war shock our senses under Mel Gibson's uncompromising direction, in the end three things remain - faith, hope and love.”

    Kim Dorr-Tilley,

    Bel Air Church, Associate Pastor, Los Angeles, CA

  • “Hacksaw Ridge displays the cruelty of war and the beauty of one man’s faith, conviction, and determination to serve God by saving lives.”

    Mark Merrill,

    Family First

  • “As the mother of a soldier I think it is important to know the reality of war. Hacksaw Ridge is a vivid depiction of what our soldiers face in war through the heroic true story of a man with inspiring faith, courage, and conviction.”

    Susan Merrill,